The Maltese Islands attract thousands of divers each year, and it's no wonder as Malta and Gozo offer some of the most spectacular dive spots in the Mediterranean and the world.

The rocky sea-bed offers many a hiding place for sea creatures, from the gaping grouper to the creeping octopus. There are fantastic arches, tunnels, wrecks, caves and lagoons to explore and the underwater landscape is as varied as the topography. Enormous caverns shelter wondrous forms of life, but these are best captured on film. It is the same with archaeological remains, of which there are many, all protected by law.

Under Sea

The water is diver-friendly all year round, as the temperature rarely drops below 16 degrees celcius. The waters are clear and blue as there are virtually no tides or green vegetation that elsewhere create poor visibility. On most days visibility of between 40 and 50 metres is enjoyed.

There are several diving centres on the island and the facilities available are excellent - even if you are starting from scratch. Complete diving holidays are offered, taking the participant through all the necessary training and education. Most centres are open seven days a week every week of the year and offer services in a variety of languages.

Most centres have dives twice daily and night dives are organised according to demand. During night dives one can have a close up look at the moray eel, octopus, sepia, cuttlefish, squid and other nocturnal marine creatures. The schools organise these torch-lit expeditions for competent divers in search of adventure. The morning dives leave around 9.00 am while the afternoon tours leave around 2.00pm. There are also full day boat trips to the nearby island of Comino.

Under Sea