Country Walks

The absence of traffic, the spread of fields and valleys and the enchanting countryside views make Gozo the perfect destination for a walking, cycling or rural holiday.

Summer evenings allow for a pleasant trek or cycle, while the cooler winter months allow for longer walks between the various towns and villages, through the countryside and along the cliffs - the views are simply magnificent. The great advantage of walking or cycling in Gozo is the enormous variety of scenery and character in such a small area: wind-swept cliffs, towers which have been guarding the island for more than 300 years, pebble gorges with rushing waves, clover-strewn fields and chapels nestling in lonely valleys with fresh-water springs trickling through them.

Those with tougher leg muscles and greater energy can hire a bicycle and tackle the hills, cycling past carobs, capers, and prickly pears. But this is not for the faint-hearted, though the lack of traffic on the roads makes for safety the terrain can be testing.

Gozo Country