Ir-Ramla il-Hamra (easily accessible by car through Nadur or Xaghra) is the largest, the most popular and most unspoilt beach on Gozo. It is awash with red sand. The sea is shallow and perfect for children, except on windy days. In the summer months it is popular with swimmers, sun worshipers and idlers who sit around tables beneath sun umbrellas at a kiosk, sipping cool drinks and nibbling snacks. During the winter Ramla l-Hamra affords pleasant peaceful walks. A statue dedicated to Our Lady of Hope stands vigil in the middle of the beach.

Ir-Ramla il-Hamra

Id-Dwejra (easily accessible by car through San Lawrenz) is partly enclosed by Hagret il-General. The water here is very deep and an occasional swell may be dangerous. It is, however, a haven for the strong swimmer. Boat trips from the little jetty take visitors out to the open sea through a natural tunnel in the cliffs. Once through the tunnel the cliffs rise majestically out of the water and the boatmen wander slowly around a number of caves, which dot the coast.


San Blas (reached through Triq San Blas, Nadur) is a delightful and secluded beach of red sand. The path to the sea is rather steep but the sandy beach is of exceptional charm and well worth a visit. This idyllic beach is never crowded.

San Blas

Dahlet Qorrot (accessible by car though the road is steep, through Nadur) is tiny but one can swim off the rocks on both sides in crystal clear water. Fishermen use this tranquil bay as a base, and colourful boats dance on the waters during the summer months.

Dahlet Qorrot

Hondoq ir-Rummien (easily accessible by car through Qala) is a small sandy beach with crystalline water and with is ample space for sunbathing. This beach is a great diving site especially for beginners and night divers. It's very popular with locals and can be crowded during weekends. It is a favourite spot for summer evening barbecues.

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Ix-Xatt l-Ahmar (on the Mgarr - Rabat road, to the left just after reaching Ghajnsielem) is another secluded bay with ample space for diving. The wreck of the 'Xlendi', a ferry boat that until recently travelled between Malta and Gozo, lies in the depths of this location creating an excellent dive-site. Swimming is possible off the white rocks and ladders make getting in and out of the water easy.

Ix-Xatt L-Ahmar

Mgarr ix-Xini (easily accessible by car either through Sannat or Xewkija) is a fjord- looking cleft with sheer cliffs rising from a pebbly beach and intriguing caves. This secluded spot is ideal for swimming and another quaint and attractive dive-site especially for night diving. This peaceful bay is never crowded.

Mgarr ix-Xini

Xlendi(easily reached by car either through Fontana or from Munxar) is one of Gozo’s major resorts. It is possible to swim in the small sandy beach or paddle and snorkel off the rocks surrounding it. The reef and rock formations under the sea make Xlendi an excellent dive site, even for beginners.


Wied il-Ghasri (reached through Ghasri and Marsalforn) is a fjord-like tiny beach wedged between high cliffs. It can be reached by boat. The fantastic cove and airlock are the main attractions at this dive site.

Wied il-Ghasri

Ix-Xwejni and Il-Qbajjar (easily reached through Marsalforn or Zebbug) are two shallow beaches with pebbly corners and rocky stretches very close to each other and ideal for swimming. They are popular dive sites, especially for beginners. A couple of bars and restaurants line the sea front.

Ix-Xwejni and Il-Qbajjar

Marsalforn(easily reached through Rabat, Xaghra or Zebbug) is the most popular summer resort of the island; a great dive spot. Just behind the menqa (harbour), one finds the deep clear waters of Ghar Qawqla where swimming off the rocks is a delight. Marsalforn offers the widest variety of bars and restaurants, most of them al fresco.


Ghajn Barrani (reached through Marsalforn and Xaghra) is not easily accessible and some scrambling over rocks is necessary to reach this tiny, quiet and secluded sandy beach.

Ghajn Barrani

Comino (reached by frequent boat trips from various points in Gozo) has three secluded beach havens with clear turquoise blue water. Santa Marija Bay, San Niklaw Bay and Bejn il-Kmiemen (between Comino and the islet of Cominotto) also known as the Blue Lagoon. A truly beautiful location. Food and refreshments are available from the two hotels on the island.

Blue Lagoon